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Keep remember these things, before buying an refurbished smartphone

Refurbished Smartphones

What are the refurbished Smartphone-
Those smartphones, which are sent back to the company due to the manufacturing fault. These phones get fixed by the company and after testing these phones, company sales them. These are good condition phone and you usually get the 6 months warranty.

Refurbished smartphones have lesser value than the original items. Many times, you buy these phones, but after buying these phones, sometimes you feel so regretful because of the phone condition isn't good as your expectations. If you are going to buy the refurbished smartphones, then this post is for you. Read these things before buying the refurbished smartphones-

Physical Test-
Whenever you buy a refurbished phone, must check the phone's physical condition. Check the phone properly, that it has scratches or not. Phone's condition is good or not. If phone's condition is not good or phone is broken from somewhere then don't buy that phone and return that smartphone to the company.

Warranty and the return policy-
Always carefully read the warranty and return policy of that refurbished product, before buying that. Because at this time, warranty and return policy are mandatory before buying anything. If the company is not offering you, warranty and return policy then don't buy that product. It may be damaged peace.

Accessories and the Battery-
Carefully check the accessories and the battery of that smartphone. Because if they are not working properly. Then you will have to buy another, and spend more money on that product.

IMEI Number-
Always check the IMEI number of the smartphone. IMEI number is always on the rear panel of the smartphone, downside the battery. You can check your phone's IMEI number by dialing *#06# 

Always check phone is in new condition. There shouldn't be any third party software installed on your smartphone. 

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