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5G Budget phone will be launched by Jio

5G Budget phone
5G Budget phone will be launched by Jio in 2020 in the budget segment. This upcoming mobile phone can be a smartphone or a feature phone but this will be launched in India. The Jio 4G is the world's largest and cheapest internet provider and this company will launch 5G internet next year for their users. Let me tell you, the 5G internet services will be rolled out this year for the USA, Korea, China, and Europe users.

This 5G internet service will be rolled out this year in Almost of the countries. According to some reports, this company is working on the 5G internet and they will roll out this till the next year. The 5G equipment is ready too. This year 5G Flagship phones will be launched like OnePlus 7t, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus etc. 
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