Apple iPhone SE2 Plus? A Mid-range iPhone?

Apple iPhone SE2 Plus is the upcoming Apple iPhone 2020. This Smartphone will come in 2020 as the upgrde of iPhone 2020 (2).

Today, we will talk about an upcoming Apple iPhone, which won’t be a flagship but it can come at the price of Mid-range smartphones. We all know about the iPhone SE 2020, which will be launched soon.

But, according to a leak, Apple can also introduce iPhone SE 2 Plus, which will be an upgrade of iPhone SE 2020. I won’t tell you much about this phone because not many things are revealed. But, whatever leaks have come, I will tell you in the same article.


Apple iPhone SE 2 Plus: Specifications

According to the leaks, it will be a 4G phone because 5G is reserved for their flagships. We all know that Apple wants to sell their Apple AirPods and that’s why they won’t give you a 3.5mm jack as usual.

This can come with a 5.6-6.1 inches display and there is hardly chances of face recognition feature. You will get same design like iPhone X, which means big notch design.

It will surely come with the IOS 14, which is the upcoming Apple OS. We all know about the power of Bionic chips of Apple. This SE 2 Plus will also come with A13 Bionic chipset, which is a flagship processor.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Plus 2020

One variant of this phone will surely have the 3 GB RAM and one variant will also have 128 GB un-expandable storage. You will surely get flagship performance with these specifications.

Now, let we discuss about the camera setup. On the rear side, you will get a dual-camera setup and Apple can use 12+12 MP Camera sensors. The front side can have a single camera sensor for video callings.

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Apple iPhone SE2 Plus: The Final Verdict

After looking to specifications, we can judge about the price range. We don’t know about the pricing, but this won’t be a budget phone. I think, it will be launched at the higher price of ost of the flagship killers. If this phone really comes then it can kill most of the flagship killers.

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