Apple iPhones 2018 display size is confirmed

Apple iPhones 2018
Apple iPhones 2018 are the next Apple iPhones which will be launched in 2019. This year Apple will launch their three smartphones with the different display sizes. This is rumors between techies, the new model of iPhones can be launched before the November of this year but this is not confirmed. 
The lite variant of the Apple can be launched with the 6.1 inches display size and Apple can use the IPS LCD display on this phone to make this phone cheaper. There will be only a single camera sensor like the Apple iPhone 8. You can see the design of that phone in the upper leaked images. 
According to a tweet, the three variants will be launched as the next Apple iPhones. The phones can be launched with the 5.8 inches display, 6.1 Inches display, and 6.5 Inches display. This is not confirmed now, the company will launch these new iPhones with the notch or not like the Apple iPhone X. These new smartphones can be launched with the bezel-less displays with the more than 90% screen to body ratio.
Apple iPhones 2018 buy
If you look at these smartphones, then you will see there will a single camera sensor on the 6.1 Inches display variant. Two images are leaked for the upcoming Apple iPhones and you can see the front side of these smartphones comes with the black color and rear side of this phone comes with the black and white color variants.
The 6.5 Inches display Apple iPhone will be the most powerful phone, where the O-LED display can be used. The 6.1 inches display iPhone can be launched with the 600-700 USD, the 5.8 Inches display iPhone can be launched with the 700-800 USD, and the most powerful 6.5 Inches display, which will be launched as Apple iPhone X or Apple iPhone X premium, the price of this phone can be $999.
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