Detel D1 Gold best feature phone for you

Detel D1 Gold
Detel D1 Gold launched as the new Detel phone. Is this the best feature phone under 15 USD. As usual, this premium category phone is launched in Hindustan. The phone is launched at the price of 999 ₹, which gets around $15 for the USA
This latest Detel phone is launched with the display size of 2.4 Inches and one thing, which will impress you definitely, the display of this phone is launched with the LCD panel. This phone comes with the crystal keypad, which enhances the beauty of this feature phone. On the rear side of this phone, the camera is given too, the camera is VGA.
The main thing here is, the rear camera of this phone is launched with the LED flash too, which can be used as the flashlight. There are many languages supportable in this latest Detel phone. This phone contains many updated features, which is unbelievable at the price of 15 USD. 
The phone contains a 1500 mAh battery with the power saving mode and this can enhance the battery. For your knowledge, this battery can give you many days of life and you will get really long battery life than the smartphones. 
You can save 500 contacts, in this phone and 200 Messages can be stored in this latest Detel phone. You won’t believe but this phone is launched with the panic button, wireless FM Radio and you don’t believe but you can access the internet in this phone.

Detel D1 Gold the final verdict-

This phone gives you large display according to the price, you are getting a camera with the LED flash. You can access the internet for the girl’s safety, you get the panic button too. This phone is really awesome and I am giving the pick to this phone.
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