Detel D1 Slim feature phone launched under 20USD

Detel D1 Slim
Detel D1 Slim feature phone is launched in India. This phone is launched under the premium category. The Specifications, features, and pricing are just amazing. This phone is launched with the reflective Keyboard, which looks really premium and you will love the look of this phone’s keyboard. The phone is launched at the price of ₹1,199, which gets around 17USD of the USA. 
I personally like Detel phones so much because they launched good features phone at the very low pricing and the features and specifications are really impressive for that phones. Like the other phones, this phone is launched on the B2BAdda.com

The phone is launched with the large 2.8 Inches display. I accept this phone is not larger than your smartphones but this 2.8 Inches display is really larger than the other phones at this price and doesn’t forget you are not even paying 20USD. The display is launched with the LCD Panel, which is amazing too because most phones at this price come with the TFT panels and LCD is much better than the TFT displays. The Detel D1 Gold is launched at this price and the design will definitely make you craze for this phone.
The phone is launched with the massive 1500 mAh battery. Let me tell you, the 1500 mAh battery is really powerful and if you will use this phone with the lite tasks then you will have to charge this phone at once in a week as per my experience. The phone is launched with the power saving mode too, which can be easily activated if you just press and hold the 0 key button.
You will go crazy if I will tell you this phone is launched with the LED flash on the front and rear side, which can is usable in the low-lighting situations. I am damn excited to tell you, if you are Selfie lover then you will get the front camera too and the rear camera is launched in this phone too(Don’t expect Apple iPhones camera clarity because you are paying only $17). 
The memory is expandable up to 16 GB via memory card. You will get the blacklist feature and other features too in this phone. This phone can play videos and audios too. This phone can send the contact via Bluetooth, which is missing in most of the smartphones. 
You can put 1000 contacts in this phone and 300 messages. These contacts and messages can be stored without the memory card. Blue, Gold, and Rose Gold colors are launched for this phone. 
So this was all about the Detel D1 Slim. There is no reason to kick this out, The phone has a front and dual camera. This phone is launched with the flashes on both the sides. The phone supports many languages and the phone is really amazing. I can’t see any reason to kick this phone out. I am giving the Pick to this phone. The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is launched with the Android Go and this is really amazin if you ar looking good camera.
Be frank with you this phone is the best phone under this price range and you should consider this phone without any doubt. Share this article if you have now shared this article and follow the blog to be updated with me! Thank you and love you all!

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