Dual display phone, Meizu Pro 7 launched with two displays

Dual display phone
Dual display phone stands for those phones which comes with the two displays in a single phone. The Chinese company launched the phone with a dual screen under the mid-range segment. 
Chinese company Meizu is famous for their smartphones, and this company is well known in some countries for their smartphones. The Meizu Pro 7 is secretly launched in India. And you should know, the launch date of this phone was August 2017 in China. Samsung lovers! Feel good, because Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 and Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus are listed on the TENAA.
Let me tell you the company revealed this information on their official Twitter account. Let me tell you, this dual display phone is going to be launched exclusively on the Amazon.

Let me tell you the price of this phone will 22,999₹ in Hindustan. This phone was officially launched last year, but now Meizu launched this phone in Hindustan because they wanna tackle other companies like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia etc. This report revealed every information of the HTC U12 Plus coming this year with…
You will have to pay for this phone 599$ if you are from the USA. The design of this phone is really awesome, and the phone is launched with the two displays. 
Let me tell you there are two variants launched in the USA. The first variant of this phone is launched with the 64 GB internal storage and the higher variant of this phone is launched with the 128 GB internal storage. But there will be only 64 GB internal storage variant in Hindustan. The OnePlus confirmed, 256 GB variant will be launched with of OnePlus 6.
The dual display phone is the dual-Sim phone too. Let me tell you an important thing, there is no slot for the memory card in this phone.
Best dual display phone

Full specifications of Meizu Pro 7-


I’m calling dual display phone instead of Meizu Pro 7. Why? So simple, as you can see in the above images the phone is launched with the two displays. The first display is the main display of this phone and lets me tell you the second display will give you notifications update. The OnePlus 6 2018 is listed on the Indian website before the launch of this phone.

Let me tell you the display of this phone is Super AMOLED, and let me tell you the display of this phone will give you good contrast and viewing angle.

The Super AMOLED displays are usually used in the Samsung phones, because this display gives you the really good amount of details, and this is my favorite display type because of the vibrant colors. Micromax Infinity Life is listed on the Flipkart with the…

You will get 71.8% screen to body ratio in this phone, and this is not that good, and let me tell you there are other phones in the market with the better screen to body ratio like Huawei Nova 3e. 

The dual display phone contains a 5.2 Inches display, which can be used by the single hand, and let me tell you the screen ratio of this display is 16:9, which comes with the FHD display. The Huawei Nova 3e full specifications and you will love the look of this phone because this is iPhone X look.

The Pixel density of this main screen is 423 PPi, which is good to view videos and photos in this kind of display size.

The secondary display is the AMOLED, which is good in terms of viewing angles and contrast.

The 2nd display of this phone comes with the size of 2Inches, and in this notification display, you will get the 240×536 Pixels resolution. The secondary display looks too beautiful on this phone. Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 is launched in the event, but is it really good?

The display of Meizu Pro 7 is good and the Super AMOLED display makes this beautiful too. The secondary display of this phone is good to be updated with the notifications, but this phone comes with the 16:9 display, which is a normal one.

Let me tell you the display of this phone comes with the FHD resolution but it is my duty to tell you, in the same range the Yu Yutopia comes too with the Quad-HD display with the resolution of 1440×2560 Pixels, which is much better than this phone’s display. Is Huawei really worth to buy for more than 2,000 Euros?

Dual display phone under 500$

Processors, OS, and storage-

This dual display phone runs on the Android 7.1.1 nougat, which is not the updated because at this time there are many phones comes with the Android 8.1 Oreo under 120$. And let me tell you, this is not confirmed, the Meizu will give you update or not on this phone.
I have already told you, there are two variants launched in the USA, first one with the Deca-core and 128 GB storage and another variant of this phone comes with the 64 GB internal storage and Octa-core processors. Lava Z91 is launched, but this phone is launched with the infinity display and…
The 64 GB variant of this phone is launched in the Hindustan with the MediaTek 6757T HelioP25 Processors, and here you will find two chipsets.
Both the chipsets come with the 1.6 GHz clock-speed but the first chipset contains the Cortex-A53 processors and another chipset for this phone comes with the Cortex-A35 Processors. You will love to know, about the price of the Apple iPad 2018, Really cheap!
In this dual display phone, you will get the Mali-T880MP2 for the Graphics performance.
I have told you about the internal storage of this Meizu Pro 7 and telling you again, there won’t be memory card slot on this phone. This is the world’s first phone with the triple cameras on the rear! 40+20+8 MP on the rear.
Be frank with you, the processors of this phone are really disappointing at this price point, I mean you are getting this GPU in the price range, which is really not good.
The phone is launched with the 64 GB internal storage which can’t be expanded, really bad! In the same price range, you can get the Micromax Dual 5 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with the 21 MP Sony sensor. if you are gamer, then you should clearly ignore this phone in this price range, it would be better to go with the Nokia 6 2018. Full Specifications of Nokia 6 2018.
Meizu Dual display phone


I have already told you, the phone is launched with the dual-rear camera. And the front camera of this phone comes with the Single camera. 
Let me tell you this dual display phone comes with the 12+12 MP on the rear. Both the cameras look beautiful on the rear panel because of the combination of these cameras with the notification display. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 but is it really that good?
Both the cameras come with the Aperture of f/2.0, which will give you decent shots in the low-light too. The main camera of this Meizu Pro 7 comes with the PDAF sensor, which means the Phase-detection auto-focus.
The PDAF Sensor will help you to focus on the moving objects with the fast speed. You will be shocked, after hearing about this phone’s front camera.
By the rear cameras of this phone, you will be able to record the 4K videos with the 30 Frames per second. The rear cameras of this dual display phone come with the dual-LED too for the perfect low-light images.
On the front side of this phone, you will get the 16 MP camera. The 16 MP camera of this phone comes with the aperture of f/2.0. Let me tell you, the front camera of this phone can record videos at the 1080p with the 30 Frames per second. LG! Why did you do this with the Russian? LG Tricked with the Russian with the LG K9.
I have to say, the dual camera setup on the rear looks beautiful, and you will get good shots on this phone. I don’t have any kind of complaint against this phone’s camera setup. Without any doubt, the cameras of this phone look good but there are other phones too which comes with the better cameras like Moto X4 with 21 MP.  The full details of the Moto X4 launched with the 6 GB RAM for the smooth performance.
Dual display phone 2018

Other features and specifications-

The Meizu Pro 7 comes with the 4G support and in this phone too, you will get the VoLTE support too for the HD audio callings. 
The phone is the dual-Sim phone, but there is nothing like Hybrid because it is worse than that, because you won’t get the option of the memory card in this phone. The upgraded variant of Samsung Galaxy J7Prime is launched with the stunning 13 MP camera and you will be shocked to know…
On the front side of this phone, you will get the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. There is USB Type-C port, which is good. The phone comes with the 3000 mAh battery too, to power this dual display phone and you won’t feel good to know, the battery is non-removable but the battery comes with the Quick-Charging 3.0 for the fast charging. 


The Meizu Pro 7 or dual display phone is a good looking phone, which comes with the average specifications except for the camera.
This phone contains a good size display with the normal FHD resolution. You will get good cameras on the rear and front but be frank with you, the Processors of this phone makes this phone bad in this price range, you won’t get expandable memory, which is again disappointing. Only Oppo can launch a new phone without fingerprint sensor in 2018.
So, my dear friend, I am giving this phone a Kick and this phone is not good to go in the my “Best in price rangesection. 
So, my friend, I have told you everything about the Meizu Pro 7 the dual display phone, and I gave you my opinion too about this phone, and according to me, you should consider other phones in this price range because you will get better than this.
So, if you have any query or you want any suggestion, then simply contact me now, by the way, thanks for reading this post.

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