First Oppo 5G Phone is coming next year

First Oppo 5G Phone
First Oppo 5G Phone can be launched next year because Oppo started to work on their upcoming 5G Phone. This can be the first Oppo flagship phone in 2019. Let me tell you, this Chinese company recently launched the Oppo Find X, which is launched with the sliding up camera (This is a different thing, this phone’s built quality is really bad and if you look bend test videos on Youtube, then you will hate this phone). 
Now Oppo has introduced a new notch, which is a water drop notch and this is really smaller notch than the Apple iPhone X. According to the company assistant, they are working on the 5G Phones. At this time, the Research and development of the company is working on the Super VOOC charging, face-unlock, triple rear cameras and etc. If you are looking for a good Smart TV under $220 then this is the best TV for you.
The Oppo is working with the Qualcomm on 5G technology and this can be launched soon. Let me tell you one thing here, Qualcomm has finished the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Research and they are manufacturing them. This processor can be launched with the 5G internet compatibility etc.
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