Google Chromecast 3
Google Chromecast 3 is launched in the #MadeByGoogle event, which is held in New York. This latest Chromecast media streaming dongle is launched with the Google Home Hub, Google Pixel 3 XL and Google Pixel 3. Last year Chromecast was launched with the 4K support.
This Chromecast supports the better Audio quality and now you can stream 1080P at the 60 Frames per second. This will be launched in India, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Japan, Netherland, NewZealand, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, and the USA. The international launch date is confirmed for this device, but if you are waiting for this device, then let me tell you, some countries will receive this device in 2019.
To use this device, you will have to connect this device with your TVs after this, you can play the games, videos, and music in your TVs. This is 15% faster than the previous one and lets me tell you, the HDMI port is similar to the last one. The Google G logo is mentioned at the center of this device.
So this was all about this device. If you love this device and want to share something with me and other readers then comment below and thank you for your support! Love you all!

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