Google Pixel 3 Lite Specs
Google Pixel 3 Lite Specs are officially confirmed now. The Google Pixel 3 XL Lite will be launched too. These are the upcoming mobile phones of Google, which will be launched for mid-range users. I have already shown you the renders of this phone but now I will show you a video instead of any render and this will video will confirm everything about the phone.
This video is revealed by the Andro News, which is a Ukrainian blog. As you can see in this video, the 3.5 mm jack can be seen, which was removed from the Google Pixel 3 series and 2 series. You can see the design of this phone and I personally I don’t like this design because this looks too boring…

Google Pixel 3 Lite Specs-

This phone will be launched with the 5.56 Inches infinity display. The display resolution will be 1080×2160 Pixels. The aspect ratio of this display will be 18:9. The Pixel density will be 434 and IPS LCD display panel will be used in this phone. There will be no notch as I told you last year.
The Android 9 Pie will be used and this will get the Android Q update too. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 SoC will be used for the good performance and Adreno 615 GPU will be used to handle the Graphics. Let me tell you this SoC runs on the 10nm architecture and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 also runs on the same architecture.
The one variant will be launched with the 32 GB internal storage and 4 GB of RAM. This phone will contain a 2,915 mAh battery. The fingerprint sensor will be placed on the rear side of the phone. 
The 12.2 MP camera sensor will be used on the rear side of this phone with the camera aperture of f/1.8. You will get the OIS too for the good stabilization. This will record the 4K videos. The 8 MP camera will be used on the front side. 
This phone will be launched for the mid-range users and you will get a good camera phone for the pricing. The processors and everything will be really good because Google has Android and you will get regular updates. 
I hope you loved this article. You can share your thoughts in the comment section. My name is Rohit Choudhry and you keep reading the LaunchedPhones. I will meet you in the next article till then take care…

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