Hike Sticker Chat
Hike Sticker Chat App launched for the Apple and Android users on the Google Play Store and Apple Store to chat with your friends and family. This App uses chat machine learning technology. This App will read your texts and it shows stickers related to that text. This App is launched with the many new features and this is specifically made for the sticker chats. 
The Hike is an Indian company, which has launched the “Hike App”, which is famous between most of the users because in this App you can chat, play the games, read the jokes, read the news, you can shop, etc in a single App.
This App supports 20 Indian languages and the App is launched with the more than 30,000 stickers and according to the company, they will launch more than 70,000 more stickers in the same year. This is a free App for all users and you can download it now. This App launched new stickers on each festival or event like Diwali, valentine’s day, Halloween, etc. 
So this was all about this latest App. I hope you liked this article. My name is Rohit Choudhry and you are reading the LaunchedPhones. I will meet you in the next article until then you just take care of yourself😊…

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