How to schedule Whatsapp message for friends and Family

How to schedule Whatsapp message for friends and Family
How to schedule Whatsapp message for friends and family. Just follow these simple step by step with the ease. This trick will help you. Facebook and Whatsapp are too famous these days. Facebook is a good platform to meet and know unknown users and Whatsapp is a good platform to be closer to your family and friends. 
Sometimes, it is necessary to schedule the message on Whatsapp on the birthday, new year and etc events. Today I will tell you simple trick to schedule this. This feature is not available in Whatsapp. To schedule a message you will have to use third-party apps. I will recommend you to use SKEDit. This app will give you permission to schedule your photos, videos and etc message on a particular date and time on Whatsapp. 
  • First, download this app from the Google Play Store or official site. 
  • Now open this app and simply create an account or log in with the help of Facebook.
  • After opening the account, you will see many options like WhatsApp, e-mail, call, etc.
  • Click on the Whatsapp and choose your friend number
  • Now write your message, what you wanna send them
  • Now choose the date and timing
  • After doing all these things, just click on the tick sign and it’s done!
Now, this app will send your message on your chosen day or timing. You will love this app but one thing you should note here, I am not saying to use this app because it can access many things in your phone. 
So this was all about the scheduling a Whatsapp message. I hope you loved this article. My name is Rohit Choudhry and you keep reading the LaunchedPhones. I will meet you soon in the next article till then you just take care…

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