Lava Prime X launched with a 2 years replacement warranty

Lava Prime X
The Lava Prime X launched under the title of “Design in India”. The launched phone price is 1,389₹ or 21$. Telecom minister “Manoj Sinha”, IT minister “Ravi Shankar Prasad”, and M.S. Dhoni launched this phone.

During the launch, Manoj Sinha said that “Design in India” is next step of “Make in India”. This design looks similar to that design which was introduced in the starting days of IT.

The manager and chairman said that they will spend 2,50 Crores or 39300000.00 Dollars on the designing of products till 2,021 and soon they will launch a new phone under the title of “Design in India”.

Features and Specifications of Lava Prime X-

The Lava Prime X launched with a screen size of 1.8 Inches. The screen resolution of this display is 128×160 pixels. I have to admit one thing this phone’s display resolution is quite low, and at this time this display is quite updated in terms of screen resolution.
The phone is a dual-Sim phone, which supports the 3G, 2G network. You have to admit one thing that at this time 4G connectivity is must for the good speed and fast processing of the internet data. This one doesn’t support the 4G connectivity, which is the biggest drawback in this phone.
On the rear side of this phone, a 1.3 MP camera is available but there is nothing like the front camera so you won’t be able to take selfies with this phone. 
The Lava Prime X contains a 32 MB ram for the multitasking. There is a 32 MB internal memory too, which can be expanded via memory card too. This phone can store up to 2,00 messages and 1,000 contacts at the same time.
The phone is available in the Blue and White color options so you can buy any one according to your preferences. There is an 8,00 mAh battery to power this phone, the nd company claims this will give you battery back-up for 3 Days.


The Lava Prime X launched with a decent price od 21$. The phone looks good in terms of design. The white one looks good and you can pick Blue color option too. 
The phone comes with 32 MB RAM, which is good at this price point, maybe it would be hard for you to believe, but 32 MB RAM will be good for the lite multitasking. The phone contains a 32 MB internal space, which is good to install games on this phone.
The major drawback of this phone is lack of 4G connectivity, but we can say the price of this phone is only 21$.
The final verdict is you are spending 21$ and getting a 3G phone, The phone looks good, and you can easily pick this phone to use for the daily calls and messaging. But if you want 4G connectivity then you can pick the Jio phone which is really good and effective price of that phone is 0$. which means you are getting that phone for free.

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