Microsoft Surface Book 2 2019 Hybrid laptop
Microsoft Surface Book 2 2019 Hybrid laptop launched in the USA. This is a new model, which comes with 13.5 inches display. The price of this laptop is $1499, which gets around ₹1,05,000 but now, the company will sell this laptop at the price of $1299, which gets around ₹89,000. This is available in the USA only at this time and there is nothing revealed about the launch date of this Hybrid laptop.
The 13.5 Inches display is used in this laptop with the aspect ratio of 3:2. The display resolution is 3240×2160 Pixels. The Intel i5 Quad-core processor is used for the smooth performance and you will get 8 GB of RAM, which is DDR3 RAM. Internal storage of this laptop is only 256 GB, which can create a problem for high media users.
So this was all about the secretly launched latest Microsoft Hybrid laptop. According to me, the pricing is higher than its worth, so I am giving the kick and you can consider other laptops. My name is Rohit Choudhry and you are reading the LaunchedPhones. I will meet you until then you just take care😁…

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