Most Expensive Car in the world!

Most Expensive Car in the world!

Most Expensive Car in the world! Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta is the most expensive car! Its cost is 15 Million Euros, which goes around 121 Crore rupees for India!

Cars are too common these days! If you also love to read the proverbs, then you have probably heard this saying, in the past, only rich people had cars and everyone had the horses. But now, everyone has a car but only rich people have Horses. You all must have seen a lot of cars, but today, I will tell you about the most expensive car ever made.

You must have seen most of the cars, which costs around 4-20 lacs for Indian rupees($5,500-30,000). Today, I will tell you about a car, which is more expensive than 100 Crores. You must have heard about cars like Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari, but the price of these vehicles is not even close to 100 crores.

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Which is the most expensive car in the world?


Recently, the Good Wood Festival of Speed held. In this event, the world’s biggest car companies launch their best cars and tell everything about these cars to the world. In the same event, Pagani Automobiles launched their cool car. This car’s name is Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta and this is one of the best cars in the world. People were amazed to see this car’s look and design.

Most Expensive Car in the world 2020

This car looks very cool, isn’t it? But now I will tell you the pricing of this car and you will be amazed to know it’s pricing. It costs 17.6 million US dollars, yes 17.6 million US dollars! Which is almost equal to 121 crore rupees of India. It is around 1760000 US dollars. For many people, 50,000 US dollars is a dream but, it is a car worth 17.5 million US dollars. Only three cars are made by this company and all the cars have been sold.

This Car is powered by the AMG V12 Engine, which generates 789 Horse Power. If you look at this car carefully then you will be able to see its dynamic design too. What is Dynamic design? With this design, whenever the car runs on the speed, the air won’t block this car. This will move by cutting the air and its full potential will be used.

I have to clear one thing with you, here. If we look carefully, then it is not the most expensive car because you can find more expensive cars than this one, like Dubai Sheikh’s car, which is completely made of Gold. But, those cars are modified. This car comes without any modification at this much higher price. So in this case, this is the most expensive car ever made by any company.

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