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Oppo Find X 2018 Specifications
Oppo Find X Pop-up cameras

Oppo Find X 2018 is launched as the Latest Oppo flagship smartphone, This will compete with the Vivo Nex ultimate and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The Oppo Find series is made for the flagship smartphones and this phone became the latest Oppo Flagship smartphone in the same series.
I personally never thought a Chinese company can launch this kind of phone, but now I have to admit the Chinese mobile companies are the best competitors for the Samsung, Apple iPhones, and Nokia mobiles. 
If you look carefully at this smartphone, then this phone will make you crazy and for me, this is the best-looking smartphone ever made on the earth. The phone is launched with such kind of beautiful design, which amazed me and others during the event. This will clearly win your heart, if I just leave the specifications segment, then it looks really beautiful, just look at this beautiful smartphone.
The Vivo Nex ultimate was the best flagship phone with the most screen to body ratio, that was launched with the single camera setup, which is Pop-up but now, this phone became the best phone with the most screen to body ratio.
The Red and Blue color variants are launched, of this phone, soon the other color variants can be launched by the Oppo. Let me tell you one, thing, this article will reveal everything about this Latest Oppo Flagship smartphone, after this article, you will know full specifications, major drawbacks and we will have a short review of this phone too like the other phones.
This phone is launched with the price of 999 Euros, which gets around $1,159 for the USA. 

Oppo Find X 2018 Full Specifications-

Oppo Find X features-

Let me tell you this is the dual-Sim phone. The phone is 4G, which comes with the VoLTE support too for the HD callings. This phone contains the Bluetooth, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, A-GPS etc as the connectivity options. 
The Type-C charging port is given in this phone, which is good. The phone can be unlocked by the Face, means you will get the face recognition in this Oppo flagship phone, and you have to use this feature because the phone is launched with the price of 999 Euros but you won’t get the fingerprint sensor in this phone, which usually comes almost every smartphone.
The phone contains a 3,730 mAh battery, which is non-removable. The battery comes with theVooc flash charging, which is the Oppo’s fast-charging but here too you have to compromise with the Wireless-charging because this phone doesn’t support Wireless charging.
The Aluminum frames are used in this phone to make this premium and durable. You will love to know the front and rear side of this phone is made of the Glass and the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is placed on both sides of this phone, which is really good because the phone comes with the best screen to body ratio and this needs protection.
Latest Oppo Find X 2018

Oppo Find X 2018 Display-

As you can see in the above image the display of this phone is quite large and let me tell you, the Oppo launched this phone’s display with the AMOLED touchscreen, which enhances the colors of this display and gives good viewing angles.
The phone is launched with the 6.42 Inches large infinity FHD+ Display. The display of this phone is really good and let me tell you one thing, you will have to face the problem to handle this phone with the single hand.
As I have told you the display of this phone is infinity, which is launched with the screen ratio 19.5:9, which is usually used by the Oppo. The phone is launched with the display resolution of the 1080×2340 Pixels. The pixel density of the display is 401 PPi. The display of this Oppo flagship phone contains the multitouch too for the gaming.
Let me tell you the display is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is the best Corning Gorilla Glass till the date because it is much durable than the other Corning Gorilla Glasses.
The display of this phone looks good and the infinity display is used here, let me tell you one thing I accept the display comes with the FHD+ Resolution but there are many smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, which comes with the Quad-HD infinity display and the resolution of that phone is 1440×2880 Pixes, which is much better than this Latest Oppo flagship phone.
So apart from that, the display is well protected, if you look at the display of this phone then you will see the curved on the sides of this display, which makes this more premium. I really like the display of this phone and this will be a good choice if you love to watch the movies and etc but still, I am saying this is not the best display I have ever seen.

Oppo Find X 2018 processors, Os, and Storage-

Let me tell you, the phone is launched with the latest Android 8.0 Oreo and this is confirmed, the phone will be updated with the Android P too. The ColorOS 5.1 is used in this phone, which is updated too.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core is used in this phone, let me tell you two Quad-core chipsets are used here. The first performance chipset is launched with the 2.8 GHz clock-speed and another efficient chipset is launched with the maximum clock-speed of 1.7 GHz. This will give you best possible performance with the decent battery. To handle the Graphics, this latest Oppo flagship phone is launched with the Adreno 630 GPU.
New Oppo Find X 2018
The phone contains internal storage of 256 GB, which can be expanded up to 400 GB via memory card. You will get the 8 GB of Massive RAM for the heavy multitasking.
Oppo used the best processors ever made till the date and all the flagship smartphones come with the same processors, the combination of these processors and the massive RAM will allow you to multitask with the ease and you won’t have to face any kind of performance issue in this device.
The phone contains the massive internal storage too, which will help you to store the 4K videos, too many high-quality audio songs, many files etc without thinking about the storage. For the Graphics and Gaming, the Adreno 630 GPU is used in this phone, which is the best too.
If you are a heavy gamer then this can be a good choice because this is a good choice at this time, and this will handle everything without thinking about the lag.

Oppo Find X 2018 Camera-

This flagship phone is launched with the 5x lossless zoom, which was introduced in the Mobile World Congress 2017. This technology will help you to Zoom without the distortion of the image. 
The Oppo launched their best camera setups till the date on the rear and front side. The camera is the main highlight of this phone because this is launched with the moving cameras, which makes this premium and looks really good. The camera look is really decent and this technology is first time used in both the cameras of this phone. 
The rear side of this phone is launched with the dual-camera setup, and these are the moving cameras. The 16+20 MP cameras you will see here in this phone. The 16 MP camera is the main camera, which comes with the f/2.0. The PDAF( Phase detection autofocus technology is used in both the cameras, which will help to take the good shots of the moving objects. I have already told you about the Optical image stabilization of this phone, which is really good.
The 20 MP sensor of this phone is launched with the f/2.0 the PDAF technology is used in this camera too. The rear cameras of this phone can record the 4K videos at the 30 Frames per second. T
The rear moving cameras of this phone come with the dual-tone LED flashes, which gives natural colors in all lighting situations. This is the first time when Oppo launched this type of super cameras in any phone, I am really happy with this camera setup. 
Buy Oppo Find X 2018
The front camera of this phone is launched with the 25 MP sensor, which is the best Oppo camera ever made, the Oppo F7 was launched for the Selfie lovers with the same 25 MP front camera. The front camera of this phone is launched with the aperture of f/2.0. The front camera contains many features, which will give you decent Bokeh effect and face-beauty mode etc.
The camera setups are really good, the front camera of this phone comes with the 25 MP sensor, this is the best camera ever used by the Oppo. The rear camera of this phone will give you decent shots.

Oppo Find X 2018: The final verdict-

This phone is launched with the large infinity FHD+ Display with the AMOLED technology. The best processors are used in this phone and the GPU is the best too. The phone contains massive 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage, which is impressive.
The moving cameras of this phone are the main highlight, which comes with the 16+20 on the rear and 25 MP front camera. This phone is launched for the flagship lovers and I am impressed with these specifications.
I am giving a pick to this phone and be frank with you, I am really happy that Chinese companies are inventing this kind of the phone because I never expected but this phone is amazing.
So, if you have anything to ask about this phone or you need suggestion then comment below to get the help. If you want to share your precious thoughts with me and other blog readers then comment below! Thank you to read about this article and always be with me!

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