Smallest Android Phone! Most compact Smartphone!

Smallest Android Phone

Smallest Android Phone! Most compact smartphone! Tiniest Android smartphone Specifications, buy, features, variants, and pricing!

We all know that Android phones are too popular among everyone. But have you ever think, why Android phones are popular? The answer is too simple, Android phones are cheaper and better than the feature phones. If you don’t know, then let me tell you one thing here, the Android was established in 2005! I have also published an article on a Hindi blog about the Android phone facts in Hindi!

Do you know one thing? I personally miss the old display sizes in Android phones. I mean, at the starting point, the Android phones were have been launching with a 3.5-4 inches displays but now, Android phones are getting bigger and bigger. Today’s time, smallest phones come with almost 5.5 inches displays. If you love a compact display then you won’t like this time’s display sizes. Feature phones can be found with a smaller display, but they can’t compete with Android phones in terms of specifications and features.

I don’t understand, these companies are making phones? or tablets? These companies want to make tablets with 6.5-7 inches displays. I think these companies want to make phones for the hulk, not for humans. Now, if you like compact Android phones, then what can you choose? I am publishing this article for those, who want to know about the smallest Android phone or most compact phone!

Smallest Android Phone! Most compact Android Phone! Tiniest Android Smartphone!

Smallest Android Phone! Most compact Android phone

Phones maker “Posh”, introduced its Micro X S 240 Android smartphone for the compact display lovers. I will tell you about the pricing and specifications also. But, don’t compare this phone with any other Android smartphones! This is a tiniest Android smartphone, nothing else! It can be used as a secondary phone and you should not use it as your primary smartphone!

Most of today’s phones come with at least 6 inches displays, but it has a 2.45 inches display. Yes, 2.45 inches display and it is equivalent to a credit card. The display resolution is 240×432 pixels, which is a good display resolution for a smartphone with this display size. It is a TFT display and the pixel density of this display is 232 PPi.

It runs on Android 4.4.2, which is too outdated Android OS. For the nominal performance, it has a MediaTek 6572 Dual-core processor with 1 GHz max clock-speed. It has only 4 GB Internal storage but you can also expand it further via memory card slot. The RAM is just 512 GB, which would be sufficient for this phone.

You get a single camera on the rear side, and it is acceptable. You won’t like to take portrait shots with its 2 MP camera sensor. Yes, it has a 2 MP camera sensor on the rear side, which can record HD videos. The front camera doesn’t look good, because it has only 1 MP camera for the selfies. I don’t understand, what can you capture with just 1 MP camera?

To use the earphones, it also has a 3.5mm jack, which is surprisingly interesting for this size phone. You are getting MicroUSB 2.0 for data transfer and charging. Oh yes, I got remember to tell you about the battery size, it comes with a 650 mAh battery size only. Black, white, blue, and pink color options are also available for this phone.

Its price is $47 on Amazon.com, which is almost equal to ₹3,000 for India. Its weight is 57 Grams, which is almost equal to a coin. Apart from this phone, there are some phones also, which has the same display size and Android also. I won’t tell you about those phones, because those phones’ pricing is higher than this.

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