Top 5 Casual Android games for the Lockdown period!

Top 5 Casual Android games for the Lockdown period!

Top 5 casual Android games for the LockDown Period| Best Lite and timepass games to time at home during the Corona Virus lockdown or Quarantine period!

Most of the people are getting bored at home at this time. One of my readers mailed me to write an article about the top 5 games to be played at home without effort. So, I am writing this article for those, who want to time pass at the home in the Quarantine period. This article is purely dedicated to the Android users and I will also give you the lick. If you are getting bored then you should download and try these games. If you will have any suggestion then feel free to use the comment section because I truly wait for your comments.

I usually play heavy or mid games for Timepass like Free Fire, PubG Lite, Clash Royale, etc. Best games can depend on the preference but you will love the Clash Royale and it is one of the most popular games ever made for mobile phones. So I am starting this article and Soon, I can publish a subscription button for the users for free. So, be ready for that and let us start the article also.

Top 5 Casual Android games for the Lockdown Period

Flappy Bird

Flappy bird is an old and addictive casual game for those users, who loves to play it with a single hand. This is a crazy game and if you love normal games then you will surely love it.

How to play: Use your finger to make this bird jump and dodge the obstacle in the way. Score as much as you can to be the best player. My highest score for this game is 12, which is not good but you can try to beat me because it is too difficult. If you have played this game earlier then you can comment to let me know your highest Flappy Bird score.

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Crossy Road

Crossy road is a new game with the old concept. How to play: You have a bird and you will have to cross the road without being hit to a car. You will love the childish and lovable Graphics of this game and you can unlock other characters also. You will love the game and you can play this game with a single hand. This game will kill your time and you will love to play it without any effort.

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Subway Surfers

You must have heard about this game. This game is an old addictive game, which can be the first of its kind. There are some characters in this game but the main character is Jake.

How to play: Choose your favorite character to escape from the inspector and its dog. You will have to jump over the obstacles. It is an endless game and I am damn sure that you can’t win this game to me. I was too addicted to this game and my highest score is more than 32 lacs, which is super. I was in the top players in the world. If you have ever played this game then you can comment below to tell me your highest score.

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Draw Climber

Draw Climber is an addictive game and it can be played with a single hand. This is a racing game but you won’t have to drive in a car. How to play: You have a character in this game and you will have to complete the stage as soon as possible. Simply draw his legs or tires with your drawing skills and complete the game. It is one of the best time pass game for the girls. You can tell me your highest score or stage through the comment section.

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Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D is also an addictive and trending game on the Google Play Store. This is a new game, which has good ratings on the Google Play Store. How to play: You have a ball and you will have to cross the path without being hit by another color obstacle. You can tackle the same color obstacles and you will love this game. I am damn sure that if you install this game then you won’t uninstall it.

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Do you love these Top 5 casual Android Games for lockdown Period?

I have posted these games for casual gamers. You will love them. I am facing too many problems with WordPress. I can shift to the blogger again. You won’t face any issue with that but my blog interface can be changed. I hope you love this article. I will most more posts. If you have scored and loved these games then appreciate me with your comments! Thank you!

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