Top 5 Features of Android Q 10.0
Top 5 Features of Android Q 10.0! This upcoming Google Os will be an upgrade of 9 Pie. The launch date is not confirmed now but some specs and features are confirmed before the launch, so today, we will talk about those features in this article!
The preview of this Os can be released in the March or April this year because Google usually reveals new Android Os preview in these months. This Android will be launched this year but only for the flagship phones and Google Pixel 4 will be launched with the same Android this year. So here I am telling you some confirmed specs and features of this upcoming Google Os version!
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Top 5 features of Android Q 10.0-

Dark Mode-

Most of the users including you and me loves the dark mode and dark themes. If you have a Super-AMOLED phone then the dark themes will suit your phone too much. Users were demanding this dark mode in the settings, now, Google will give them dark mode in their phones. Now you can access the dark mode in the upcoming Google Os. This dark mode will be advance than the Android 9 Pie’s dark mode.
This feature will be rolled out for better security and privacy. Google usually updates the Privacy control with the Android Os and you will get something better in this upcoming Os. Now you can give privacy controls to your favorite apps and this will stop them to access your contacts and messages without your permission.
You may have heard about the multitasking and split-screen. This feature is the upgrade of these features because now you can play two videos at the same time without the delay. This can look similar but this will be a better option for your phone. 
If you get too many pop-up notifications in a single day then this feature will give you freedom from those notifications. With that Android, you will be able to control the timings of those notifications and this will give you a slightly better experience than this time. 
At this time, we have to install third-party Apps to record the screen of our phones but the Android Q will give you inbuilt screen recorder, which will record your display. This is a helpful feature and some of the users will love this feature.
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