Vivo X23 2018 will be Vivo X21 Upgrade

Vivo X23 2018
Vivo X23 2018 is going to be the upgrade of the Vivo X21. This is the upcoming Vivo smartphone, which’s launch date is not officially confirmed by the company. Let me tell you too many rumors are getting leaked for this phone. The leaked reports confirmed the specifications of this phone. An image is leaked of this phone and this can be launched soon. This upcoming phone can be launched with the 3D facial recognition feature.
The phone will be launched with the notch design but this will be different from the Apple iPhone X notch. The same notch can be used in the Oppo F9 Pro. The phone can be launched under-display fingerprint sensor. This phone can be launched soon and let me tell you, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processors can be launched in this phone. The Apple Car can be launched this year according to the rumors. 
This phone can be launched with the infinity display and you can get the FHD+ Resolution in the display of this phone. According to the Weibo, the phone can be launched with the 8 GB of RAM and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processors. The design is unique, of this phone and this can be launched under the mid-range category.
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