Youtube Facts that will blow your mind

Most Youtube Facts
Youtube Facts is the main title of this post and after reading this post, you will know some facts of Youtube, which will blow your mind. Youtube is a fastest growing website at this time, and many of the users start their day with Youtube.
The Youtube is a place, where you can find all the facts, truth, shows, etc. in the form of Videos. You can find here latest and leaked videos too. We all use the Youtube, but do you know these Youtube Facts? So in this post, I have brought some Youtube Facts only for you-
  • Do you know, what is the most searched Youtube tutorial on this website? If you don’t know then it would be really hard to believe, this is “How to Kiss”. I was shocked too when I knew this tutorial is most famous on youtube, and most users searched this one.
  • There are more than 100 hours videos uploads on the Youtube per minute, and let me tell you one thing there are too many formats of these videos too.
  • This is one of the best Youtube Facts for you, do you know when the first video was uploaded on this platform? 23 April 2005 was the day when this platform got the first video on this platform. The co-founder of this platform Javed Karim uploaded this video from San-Diego Zoo, America. 
  • Youtube Star, Grumpy Cat earned more money than the Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow. Grumpy Cat earned this much money only by uploading the videos to Youtube. 
  • Youtube is second largest Search Engine after the Google.com. Each second’s thousands of videos are getting upload on this platform and there are millions of users each day on Youtube.
  •  Gangnam Style is most seen video on Youtube, and this video was uploaded by the PSY, South Korean star. This video crossed the Youtube View count limit, that’s Youtube was upgraded after this most viewed song.
  • Youtube contains more than 1 Billion users at this time, and let me tell you this is more than 33% of total Internet users.
  • Did you know? If you get the more than 10,000 Subscribers on the Youtube then you will be able to use special production room in the USA for free.
  • Google bought this website after 18 months of creation. Youtube was sold only for 1.65 Billion US $. And this was one of the greatest decision taken by the Google.
  • Did you this Youtube Fact? Youtube is made by the PayPal’s 3 employees. And these Employees sold this website after 18 Months, and I’m damn sure they didn’t know this website will be huge as this much.
Youtube is a really huge website, and we love to see videos on this platform, like some like funny videos, and you and me like the many videos, but each one has own choice like my choice is Dragon Ball Z. 
These Youtube Facts was nothing in comparison to all the Youtube Facts till now, like what is the most disliked video, or what was the first name of the video. There are too many youtube Facts still there but I have chosen these 10 for you.

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