Youtube Music and Youtube Premium
Youtube Music, Youtube Premium, and Youtube Music Premium are launched in India to provide the best music experience to music lovers. Let me tell you, these services already launched in other countries last year in the month of June. After the success of these services in other countries, Youtube decided to launch these services in India.
Both the services are available on the Google Music and Google Play Store. You can listen to your favorite audio songs via these services in India now.

Youtube Music and Youtube Premium-

Two services are launched by this company in India. Youtube Music is a free service but you will have to face the Ads in this service. The Youtube Premium is paid service but you will have to pay ₹99 for this service which gets around $1.5 per month. You will be able to play background song via these services.
So this was all about these services, which are launched in India for the music lovers. I hope you liked this article. My name is Rohit Choudhry and you are reading the LaunchedPhones. I will meet you in the next article until then you just take care! Thank you😊.

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