ZTE Nubia Z18 launched with 24+16 Camera

ZTE Nubia Z18
ZTE Nubia Z18 is launched under the ZTE Nubia sub-brand. This is the latest ZTE Phone, which is launched in China. Two variants are launched for this new ZTE Phone. I will tell you everything about this phone including specifications, features, short review, and pricing too. As you can see the look of this phone, the look is really good and this phone will look good in your palms too.
The phone is launched in China but the international launch date is not confirmed by the company. As I have told you the two variants are launched for this phone, both the variants launched with the same specifications but like the other phones, you will get the different RAM and the internal storage in both of the variants.
The first variant of this phone is launched with the 6 GB RAM and the internal storage of 64 GB. The price of this variant is 2799 Yuan, which gets around $409 for the USA. The higher variant of this phone is launched with the 8 GB of massive RAM and the 128 GB internal storage. The price of this variant is 3,299 Yuan, which gets around $481. Nokia 9 or Nokia A1 Plus can be launched with these specifications and features.
Both the variants are launched with the good amount of RAM but I personally think, the 64 GB variant is launched for the low internal storage. Now you must be thinking, why am I saying this? The reason is this variant is launched with the only 64 GB internal storage, where you will get almost 50 GB storage and there is no memory card slot to be put. Yes, no memory card is here so you will have to use this storage for your media and games and this seems pretty low for this time. 
So, you should ignore this variant. And I will talk about another variant of this phone from this point. You will get the fingerprint sensor on the rear side of this phone. The USB Type-C is given by the company. The phone is launched with the 3,450 mAh non-removable battery, which comes with the Quick-charging. No 3.5mm jack is given by the company.

ZTE Nubia Z18 Full specifications-

ZTE Nubia Z18 Image
This latest ZTE Phone is launched with the 5.99 Inches large display. As you can see the display looks really good and the water-drop notch looks really good on this phone. The display aspect ratio is 18:9, which is trending and the display resolution is 1080×2160 Pixels. The pixel density of this phone is 403 PPi. The IPS LCD is used in this phone. The display is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
The display is really large and I think they launched this display for the large display lovers. You want a good and bright display? The display is made for you definitely.
This new ZTE phone is launched with the Android 8.1 Oreo which is the latest. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is used in this phone, which is the best processor but one thing no one will tell you here, the clock-speed is reduced by the company. I have already told you about the RAM and the internal storage. The ZTE Axon9 Pro is launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and you will ignore this if you want a good deal.
The camera setups will definitely impress you because the rear cameras are launched with the 16+24 MP camera sensors, which are capable to record the 4K videos too. The front camera is launched with the 8 MP sensor. The front camera is launched with the only 8 MP sensor which can’t be said impressively. 
The rear camera setup is really impressive and good choice for the price but nothing is impressing in the front camera of this phone. The front camera will give you decent shots but not the best shots.

ZTE Nubia Z18 the final verdict-

ZTE Nubia Z18 Picture
The phone is launched with the good size display. The resolution is good and the IPS LCD is good too. You will love the display of this phone. The games will love this phone too because of the heavy processors and the RAM is good too. The 24+16 MP camera is awesome too. 
But this is not good for the Selfie lovers. No 3.5mm jack in this phone, which is disappointing too. The internal storage is good too but only for the 128 GB variant, the 64 GB variant is not good for those, who love to store many things in their phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best flagship in every field.
I am giving kick to this phone because there are many phones, which comes with the better specifications and features. So what do you think about this phone, if you have anything to say then comment below and don’t hesitate to ask anything to me. Share the article if you have not shared this yet and follow the blog to be updated with me! Thank you and love you, my dear friends!

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